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Gesturely is one among the best used iPhone apps to create and assign gestures in mobile phones. Expressing your words and emotions through messages is very easy at present. You can readily make use of Gesturely app from the iPhone store to create and assign specific gestures for long sentences. What are the features of Gesturely app? This is a common question heard from new users. This app provides a fantastic opportunity to users so that they can assign gestures to any phrase.

Apart from having fun, Gesturely also helps users by saving their time during communication. For example, you can just assign a symbol of arrow to point out the sentence will mail you. If you are in search of a perfect option to save time during messaging, Gesturely is the right choice for you.

Password safe gesture keyboard is one among the key features of Gesturely app. This custom keyboard in app provides an interesting way to input information in mobile phone. At present, it is one among the best used apps that contain gesture only keyboard. Time saving is a key feature of this gesture only app.

Typing long sentences became a thing of past now. This app allows user to swipe a shape so that user can communicate within a short interval of time. It is also provided with saved phrases so that user can save time by just swiping a single gesture. If you are interested in creating gestures for communication, feel free to make use of gesturely.

As said earlier, assigning gestures to phrases is another feature of Gesturely app. In this way, you can put a long sentence in messaging to text with just a single swipe gesture. You can use this app at any time as per the need. If you are in search of an exotic app to input information in a faster way, then feel free to make use of Gesturely iPhone app. You can also use gesture app with or without an internet connection. Hence it is a perfect choice of app for all in search of the best way to store information and messages in a safe and secure way.

Writing a lengthy paragraph during messaging may be a difficult task for many people. How to save time during messaging? This question is quite common from people. No matter the length of sentence, Gesturely app provides a safe and fast way to express all your words to readers. Personal Gesnturely library is another key feature of this mobile phone app.

You can easily use this app to express all your needs like adding events, surfing web and texting friends. Safety and security is another key feature of this app. All the gestures assigned and created using this app can be saved using a secured password. All the common phrases used during messaging are just at your fingertips at present. Today, you can easily avail Gesturely iPhone app from online stores. Version 1.2 of Gesturely iPhone app is optimized for faster and better performance.

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