Get Fame And Glory With New Sports Betting App PlaynBrag

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Thanks to the new live sports betting app PlaynBrag, you can now become a well respected (amongst your friends at least) sports pundit without having to go through the hassle and rigmarole of being an actual sports pundit. PlaynBrag allows you to flex your sports knowledge muscles and impress other fans by betting on the outcomes of soccer matches from the English Premier League, the Champions League, and several Golf Majors including The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open, and The P.G.A.

Choose between placing one-off bets on a particular rounds of Premier League or Champions League games, or specific Golf Majors, or you can set up an ongoing league. Compete against your friends in a single bet or league, or you can enter a Public Bet or League and compete against strangers. Bets can be for money, or simply for fun (and honor!). Betting against your friends is an excellent way of winning kudos, bragging rights and some beer money. Playing in a Public League means you stand to win more money from a larger pot. The choice is yours.

PlaynBrag is very easy to use and has a clear and uncluttered interface that allows you to make bets quickly. There is also a comments section so you can banter with your fellow players and attempt to psych them out!

Whilst similar to traditional Fantasy Football, PlaynBrag’s cool twist is that you are not picking individual players to be in your fantasy team but rather you are picking teams to be in your fantasy ‘team of teams’! In each round of games for every one of your chosen teams that wins their match you get three points and for every team that draws you get one point.

Betting on a golf major is similar but not identical. You select a team of individual golfers and then get points depending on where your chosen golfers place on the leaderboard is at the end of each round.

PlaynBrag’s arrival in the app world means that you no longer need to get a job on a TV panel at one of the major sports networks to become recognised as (and perhaps even paid as much as!) a top sports pundit. With PlaynBrag you could literally win fame and fortune thanks to your knowledge of sports without needing to leave the comfort of your armchair!

PlaynBrag is available from App Store and Google Play Store for free.


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