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When it comes to listening and watching high quality music content, the entire ultimate achievement is absolute satisfaction. As the music penetrates the surrounding vicinity, the entertainment mood is set high and what results is everyone dancing to the tune of the music. This sounds quite fantastic and exciting! However, the entire pleasure cannot be achieved if there is no a good backing to support such kind of music video. This call for the need to get a high quality tool that can boost that music and bring out the ultimate entertaining experience.

The good news is that the recent upgraded version of Edge Music app has come at the right time to fill that gap and bring entertainment just at the user’s convenient location. All that is needed is just a quick download, installation in a compatible device and get started immediately!

Understanding the Edge Music app

Actually, this is an easy-to-operate app that has been perfectly designed and equipped with high quality video music content that brings great satisfaction to users. The app was last updated on 23rd May, 2016 to ensure that it remains up to the expected tasks and meet the expected standards and needs of its users. Factors checked through the upgrade included fixing of the bugs, introduction to an improved set of app icons and support to the generation of individual playlist.

This app is top rated with a cumulative 4+ rating proving its capability to deliver as per the expected needs of the users. Its features are well-functional with a high degree of efficiency thus making it a totally well-developed app.

Suitable Device For Edge Music app

This great app (version 3.4) has taken into account the quality aspect of the devices that can perfectly integrate with it to enhance high quality performance. Such compatible devices include the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPod Touch. For the operating system, iOS 9.0 is the ideal set for this great app though any latest version can still be efficient and applicable.

Below are the exceptional features that make up the Edge Music app. Take a look at them:

Favorite Music in-waiting

Ever thought of listening to the best video music all in one platform? This is the total experience that is awaiting the user of this incredible app. Starting from the collection of the past video music to the present ones, Edge Music app simply avails them to the user!

Try out personal playlist

This is a new feature that has been introduced to this incredible app. As a user, ne has a unique chance of creating a favorite selection of video music content and come up with an amazing playlist. Don’t forget to share with close allies!

Get Rewarded Instantly

Take a moment in watching the selected videos that are deemed to generate different earnings. This places an individual at the best point of being rewarded with exceptional and surprising rewards. A great feature indeed that one can’t wait to give it a try!

Exclusive detailed music exposure

The platform given by the Edge Music app is quite wide and contains different option off the music to choose from. Each and every release that is made is quickly updated into this great thus the user is always at a point of getting great music video exposure.

Enjoy Uniquely Selected Playlist

This is an interesting feature that gives the user an opportunity to access a created playlist by the Edge Music app experts. This is a unique experience since the set of music integrated is well chosen and contain great quality.

Top Video Selection of top artists

Who are the top artist making hits in different charts? This is what Edge Music app will provide to the user with a taste of top music produced by top artists in the music industry. This will absolutely keep one with up-to-date trends.

Are there benefits and dissatisfaction associated with Edge Music app? Here are some of them:


· High selection of exciting video music content

· Quite flexible with personal playlist feature

· Quick discovery of top quality music

· Quality sound formations and video

· Totally unrestricted video music experience


· May lead to behavioral changes like drug abuse and violence

· Mild performance if not updated


In summary, Edge Music app is just incomparable when it comes to performance and quality. It has been perfectly designed to give a unique taste of entertaining experience that has never been felt before. Its recent optional upgraded subscription feature to facilitate unlimited video library access continues to display its unending capabilities. Actually, this app is worth downloading by any passionate video music listener. Don’t hesitate. Download it today for free at App Store (size 18.7MB) and the music experience will never be the same again!

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