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You cannot really have enough of any puzzle games. The puzzle games become old when you cross all the levels and reach your goal and thus a regular supply is always needed. That does not mean you have to compromise with anything and everything as long as games like Hop Hop Away are there. This is a unique puzzle game of an abused bunny that tries to get out of the EVOL circus where the ring master is too cruel. The life of the bunny has become pathetic and it has to get out of it to live a happy like.

There are four different environments the bunny has to travel through and it has to escape the ring master of the EVOL circus in order to move into The Happy Firm. Your job would be to guide the bunny through the 60 difficult and challenging levels in order to more to the destination. The puzzles are accompanied by mini games that make the whole thing even more special.

The process of escaping the bunny in the Hop Hop Away puzzle game you will also have a chance to save other animals that are trapped. You can create magic walls at different point of the game to make the escape. As the name of the game suggests, you will have to hop in order to find your way out. The boss levels are really quite interesting and fast. The boss level is about ringmaster vs bunny and you will have to make sure that the bunny wins in order to complete that level. There can be three different ending of the game and you have the authority to choose one.

The game provides you a chance to share the replay video with your friends. So your friends can become interested and can also share their progress with you. The game is currently available for iPhone and iPad and comes with a great graphic. However, the game is not a free one and you will have to pay in order to get the game. The version 1.1 of the game takes around 229 MB space on your device. IOS version 8.0 or later is required to play the game.

Good: The puzzles are really interesting including the boss level where direct fight decide the future.

Bad: The game takes up a lot of space in your device. So, that can be a problem for many.

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