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The American Dream App for iPhone is an App that lets users live their dream and fulfill their destiny. From starting as a Nobody to scaling the dizzy heights of success, the game app packs in equal dozes of humor and intrigues. There are quirky characters to encounter, conspiracies to expose and impossible obstacles to overcome as the user sets out to establish a fair and free democracy as the president of the nation.

The App stores in a lot of twists and turns of events for the gamers as they move up the sociopolitical ladders manipulate other characters and reach the top by hook or by crook. After all, when one’s dream is at stake, it’s a full blown war. With the funky and cool characters to choose from, the app becomes even more colorful.


  • The American Dream app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPhone 5. It is also compatible with iPod Touch (3rd, 4th and 5th generation) and iPad.
  • The app, version 1.4 requires a minimum of iOS 5.0 or later.
  • The American Dream app features 20 game plots that add to the overall gaming experience through different characters the user must meet, manipulate and befriend.
  • There are 20 interesting characters every player has to encounter. They must be merged in similar groups according their social status to achieve the target. There are “well versed” school and college graduates, attractive secretaries, other presidents and governors.
  • Every player has to begin as an ordinary scout who has the impossible but cherished dream of becoming the President of the nation and establish true and transparent democracy.
  • Everything is allowed in this game which enables a player to reach the aim. On their way to the White House, players can use their ever growing status, influence and powers to manage their way to the top. It’s a battle of nerves and schemes.
  • The app occupies 45.6MB and has been developed by 1337 LLC.
  • It is a free app and is avail in English, Fresh, German, Italian and Russian languages.
  • The accompanying score make the game even more thrilling and is well suited to the theme.
  • As an advancing player, uses can build their own banks, oil brands and take control of the entire fast food empire as the head of the state.
  • The app provides Retina Support so that the attractive Display resolution is never compromised with.

Summary: The American Dream App is full of humor and tricky levels which the player must take into stride to progress to the rank of the President. The game upholds the shining virtues of a nation and plays around with the ideas of democracy and leaderships. It is specially meant for those who have a special knack for survival and must utilize it to stay on top of things.

Good: Multilingual app with national ideals of governance liberty and personal excellence.

Bad: No serious app bug.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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