GetDrip – Turn Your ‘VISITORS’ into ‘CUSTOMERS’

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As a website owner, you must know how to convert your visitors into your customers. Suppose you are running an online shopping website. Then there are so many internet users who visit your website daily. But do you know how many of them actually buy products from you? There are many tools to review such data and Google Analytics is one of them. You can check different statistics such as number of visitors, conversion rate, sources from where they redirected to your website and a lot of such information. There is lot of information that you can extract. But what’ll you do with that information? Any information about a potential customer is valuable such as his/her email address. But it depends upon you how to use that info to the best of you. I’m not talking about harassing that customer but redirecting him back to where he left from is our task at hand.

SEO is considered a very good method to improve your rankings. But all it can provide you is more traffic, not more customers. Of course the more the traffic is, more will be your customer base. But still, you need to maintain a good conversion rate i.e. the number of visitors finally ending up as your customer. That’s what you get when you use GetDrip! is a tool/service which you can integrate with your website and get best results. Dripping refers to a process of automatically generated emails already planned and scheduled. So what you do with GetDrip is intall their code in your website and whenever a user comes across your webpage, it’ll extract his/her email. Then, they have a 7-step survey course that’ll teach you on how to create a good survey. I’ve already shared with you many times the importance of surveys and you can’t afford to digest it without having a proper look at its ingredients. Moreover, they’ll send the emails for you. But it’s a very tough job to decide what to include in your emails and what not. So you can either choose your material yourself or let them do the job without any charge. Isn’t that exciting!

Then let the flow happen and you’ll soon find the difference. You can check yourself of how many new subscribers you’ve gained with GetDrip. The best thing about GetDrip is their pricing. Their paid plans start @ $49/month. It looks pricy but wait, it’s for 500 subscribers per month. Yes! It’s not for the number of visitors but the number of subscribers. Also, it includes Drip email opt-in widgets as well as 5 day email course. These plans go up to $149/month. But don’t worry, there’s a 21 day free trial also available for you. So you can first satisfy yourself with the results and then go for the premium version.

Pros: no technical knowledge required as admin; economical plans; high growth rate; free trial available as well.

Cons: none.

Worth Trying Application : Get GetDrip Today


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