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Getlocalization is a application language translator. This site brings the expedient developers and translators together. It is also regarded as the community site where both should be developed in even proportion. One can really say that it is a social web-based CAT-tool for software localization with the real support for crowd sourcing and normal translation projects.

In better ways one can project this site as developers connecting with the translators which will assist them in the development of applications where people of the globe over can understand.
It is said that the translation process can be performed in two different ways. While the developers can select to crowd source the entire translation work. It is also possible to hire the work of professional translators and establish everything in privately.

It supports over 7000 different languages and in expedient environment JAVA, Django, Rails, Symbian, Symfony. It is also developed for iPhones and every other major mobile platform which are fully taken into account.

Visit this site at and post your reviews as comments

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