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Neutrino is a tool specially designed for small and medium sized business; which helps them in keeping track of their ideas and other important information. Neutrino is a cloud based, wiki-share business tool which works on the principle of request for comments (RFC) system.

As you sign up for Neutrino it assigns different wikis to different teams and has one for the whole organization. The basic concept is that anyone who comes up with an idea that he would like to share with others; can do so very easily through Neutrino and the team members can give their instant feedbacks regarding that idea or comment on it. All the members get notified when a new idea is floated. There is no expiry date to these RFCs unless you delete them on your own. Good ideas are important for any business and your co worker’s instant feed backs make these ideas better. You can even close an RFC after a certain period of time, although people might not be able to edit it but it would stay in your data in case you need to retrieve it later. If you are a small business with about 10 people on your team you can purchase the basic plan which gives you unlimited wikis, teams and RFCs however; the number of users is limited. All their plans offer unlimited wikis, but the number of users increases with the price which goes up to $300 a month.

Innovative ideas are what set a successful business apart from its competitors. Neutrino helps you to keep track of such ideas. It is easy to lose ideas as you have so much to deal with. Similarly, sometimes you might take a decision but would be unable to recall why you did so in future. Sometimes, you get an idea but are not exactly sure about how to prosecute it. Or sometimes an idea might be there but you are not sure whether it’s good enough or not. Neutrino helps you to keep track of all these ideas, and gets feedback from your team members.

As all the team member get instant notifications once you launch an RFC the feedback is also instant. Getting feedback from your co workers become much faster than emailing them or writing memos, and then waiting for them to all respond individually. Instead all the feedback appears like a thread and all the team members can add anything to this thread anytime. Documentation is important as it prevents staff members from repeating their mistakes. Sometimes employees may leave but if their ideas and thoughts are stored in your system it helps from the ideas getting lost. Neutrino offers special price packages for NGOs and schools.

Neutrino is a tool which can be very helpful to keep a tab on your concepts and ensuring that they don’t get lost. It offers you a 14 day free trial, before you decide to pay and is ideal for small businesses.

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