Gift Voucher Kiosk: Let them Feel ‘Special’

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Facebook has obviously brought the world a lot closer than it was before. You’re always near your friends even if you two are at the opposite poles of Earth. You can still share the feeling of reaching the top of Mount Everest with the rest of the world when there’s no one to listen. Even if you’re the lone supporter of Manchester United in your neighbourhood, you can still follow the victory lap out in the streets alone with the phone in your pocket. So when it’s the birthday of one of your friends, Facebook can help you wish him on the right time. But is that enough to make your friend’s day? If it was your birthday, had it been sufficient enough to just receive some blessings from your friends who even didn’t come to meet you? So why don’t we arrange for something special for that special someone!

I am talking about the Facebook app called Gift Voucher Kiosk. If you’re planning to buy a gift for your friend, now you don’t have to go out in the stores when your mind is completely blank of any idea that you can possibly choose from. With this app, you can choose that gift right from Facebook. All you have to do is just choose your friend whom you want to buy the gift for and then there are so many different categories to choose from such as Spa/Wellness, Restaurants, Shopping, Delicacies, Art & Design, etc that you’ll definitely find something worthy.

Some of the popular gifts in their shop are Slow Watches, Leopold Beers, Coq-en-Pate, City Wheels, Float Spa, etc. When you choose such a gift, then there are many different variations/models further that you can choose. So ultimately you have many choices and they’re all amazing. Under the gift, you can see the price of that particular gift and then you can decide whether you’ll pick the gift yourself or you want to send it by post to your friend directly. When you’re done with all such details, you can finally pay using your Credit Card or you can pay via PayPal as well, if you want to.

The app also has an amazing feature of creating a wish list for your friends. So just invite your friends and create a wish list of what you’d like to gift them on their birthdays. Then if all the cards fall just in place, let them be as you wished.

The gifts are amazing, prices are reasonable and the UI of the app is pretty neat and clean to keep you away from any misunderstandings. The app is currently available only in Geneva and Amsterdam but is soon launching in 4 other cities of Dublin, London, Lausanne and New York. Though that’s a pretty small run on the world map, but if you’re a part of that small green patch, then you certainly have a great choice in your hands that you can’t afford to lose.

Pros: intuitive UI; amazing gifts; pay via PayPal or Credit Card; post directly to your friend; free.

Cons: available in limited locations.

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