GizmoPlay: Tailor-made Mobile Apps to Promote your brand

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Well positioned advertising and promotions are critical to the success of every business. Not too long ago, advertising and promotions only had print and television as mediums for mass dissemination, but with the advent of the internet over the past decade, almost every business are focusing on the online space, now more than ever to promote their products or brands.

With smartphones and tablets now becoming an integral part of daily life, this is another medium that is now being considered as a very effective channel to promote your brand. And what better way than to have your own corporate branded app out there which users can download and use on their smart devices. This seems to more sense economically, as well as reach-wise, than printing out tons of pamphlets or getting branded merchandise, and then work on the logistics of physically distributing them to promote your brand well enough for it to be recognized before the release.

Developing and marketing an app though, is not a simple affair, and involves hours and hours of coding and testing before putting it out for mass consumption. Sure, there are companies which offer these services at a price, but the cost involved, and more importantly the time spent, may not necessarily help you get your app out there well in time. What if you could get a ready-made mobile app, which you can easily customize with your branding, and reach out, to millions of customers without having to worry about logistics and agent costs. That would be cool, right? And that’s exactly what GizmoPlay, a mobile software development firm offers.

GizmoPlay provides a wide range of pre-fabricated mobile applications that you can choose from, helps you customize the app with your branding, logo, contact details and other useful information about your product, and then helps you launch the app on a mobile platform. Users can then download your app from their respective app store, and start using it. The app collects important user information like the name, email address, usage stats etc and relays it back to you so that you can assess how your product is doing. Some of the pre-fabricated apps that GizmoPlay offers are mobile radio, ringtone maker, promotional band apps, mobile shopping cart, Android MP3 Player, iPad catalog, iPhone voice recorder, and many more that you can select from.

GizmoPlay lets you release your app either for iOS or for Android on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on what category of mobile users you want to target, along with a 12 month hosting and access to the app dashboard – Gizmodash, which lets you track the progress and success of your promotional app, along with analytics. However, if you want your app to available on both platforms, GizmoPlay can do that for you upon request. Also, if you purchase an app, GizmoPlay offers to handle all Tier II support issues pertaining to operation and use of the app, including bug fixes and updates for 1 year.

While the pricing of each app ranges from as low as $349 for a Live Wallpaper app to as high as $1299 for a full fledged shopping cart, the benefits and the convenience of being able to have the app released in days, as opposed to months if you were to get it developed, are definitely worth the price. The purchased app comes with royalty free licensing so that clients can promote their businesses freely under their brand name. Clients can pay for the purchase using credit/debit cards or PayPal.

To sum it up, GizmoPlay is an end-to-end mobile promotional package provider for businesses looking at the mobile space as a promotion channel. It offers the actual app, customization of the app, royalty free licensing, as well as ability to track progress and pull analytics on usage, demographics and other user details, and backend support on operation and usage of the app which includes maintenance and updates to the app. For businesses looking for a ready-to-use solution for a mobile promotional app, GizmoPlay is a very good option indeed.

If you are a business on the lookout for an effective and well designed mobile app for your brand, check out the GizmoPlay website.

What’s good?

  • Wide database of pre-fabricated apps
  • End-to-end solution

What could be better?

  • Pricing for some of the paid apps could seem steep

Worth Having Service – Look GizmoPlay Service and Features.


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