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They offer you the collective Ad-Free cloud computing solution. You can avoid all your daily barrage of online floating, pop up, banner, streaming ads and email spam. It is possible to get more storage; more savors and manage over how you share your private details and personal files.

It has option of free suite of rights based productivity and collaboration applications with 30GBs of storage. It is possible to establish and set up to six family member accounts inclusive of child accounts from this site settings panel. The global users can enjoy additional storage if they want.

It is possible to establish and administer up to 25 users. It offers automatic file and application compatibility across devices and operating systems. You can have Glide Sync App which aids you to synchronize your home and work files.

They have similar work processes of Microsoft Paint and one can take merit of Glide’s new drawing and coloring tool. It has Glide’s collaborative tools built in, and an interesting interface. Quite soon the global users can trust that it can be alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

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