GolfSites Recap™ – Track & Share your Golf statistics for the iPad | A Success Guide

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If you are a golf player or a fan of the game, then you must be familiar with Golfsites. It is a GPS enabled app for golf players that tracks every shot of yours and provides you different statistics on how you are playing. It has pre-installed maps of about 2000 locations of Golf clubs. It keeps all your gaming history and guides you to the path of success. The app is very popular among the golfers around the world and that’s why, the developers have taken out an accessory app for it, Golfsites Recap.

Golfsites Recap is an iOS app that has been designed by the developers of Golfsites, Mooee Company Limited, only for iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later version. It is an accessory app i.e. it works in integration with Golfsites. It provides the users with game stats and reviews of all aspects of the game from putt performance and swing accuracy readouts, to fairway accuracy and much more. There are many other interesting features like Hole of the Day which will read out your best performance in the entire day. With its ball path tracking feature, users can track their shots and position on map. The game also offers multiple sign-in option which allows more than one user to review his/her performance from a single laptop.

With sleek graphics and intuitive interface design, you can analyze all your shots from round to round with different criteria. The app offers all its features to be shown on HDTV using Air play with Apple TV. This obviously reduces the eye strain and enhances the gaming experience to a true picture like you are playing in your own club. With its high quality animations and motion detection, the app promises to give you a club-like performance.

The app is free for everyone but only those who are registered with their Golfsites app can use this one. For others, there is a demo version to catch all the features which the app offers to its users.

Overall, the app is a treat by the developers for its users. It just takes the gaming experience a step further. But it is not a gaming app rather an analyzing solution. The user community under target is mainly ‘serious golfers’ and that’s understandable from the fact that the Golfsites app is very costly i.e. around $19.99 which is a heavy price tag for any app in the store. So, this accessory app may be considered as a diluting agent for the total cost.

This is a free gift but only for the invited ones. Now, you can feel the actual heat of sun sitting in your air-conditioned homes.

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