Grand Gin Rummy: An Addictive Card Game Worth Checking

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With the Grand Gin Rummy app, you can play the classic American game of gin rummy whenever and wherever you want. The app features a catchy 1920s 5-star hotel theme, aptly titled the Grand Gin Rummy Hotel, while offering four different game modes to fit your fancy. This app is highly addicting and of high quality, although it does have a few downfalls when it comes to the payout and bugs.

Noteworthy features of Grand Gin Rummy include:

Enjoyable Theme and Atmosphere
This app contains the detailed, interactive theme of a 1920s hotel, which is complete with the catchy tunes playing in the background to keep you calm when the game gets heated. This adds to the card-playing atmosphere and really gets the game going. In addition, there are plenty of players of all abilities, and so there will always be an opponent available.

Easy yet Competitive Game Play
It all begins with an in-depth, interactive tutorial that teaches you when to take and when to pass, which proves useful as you begin playing against opponents. Upon completing the tutorial, you receive 2000 chips so that you can improve your ranking. The game play is fast-paced, but the games do not necessarily end quickly, meaning that your chips are well spent.

Tons of Options for Hours of Entertainment
To begin, Grand Gin Rummy caters to everyone’s interests with four unique game modes: classic, quick, Oklahoma, and practice mode. You can either play a casual game or try to make it onto the seasonal leader board once you start to get good at the game. With the option to login with Facebook, you can interact with your friends and send and receive gifts in the game, which definitely helps when you start running out of currency.

Although the app offers excellent game play and different types of gaming, it does have its flaws. Negative aspects of the app include:

Grand Gin Rummy has its Bugs
Because of its interactive game play and detailed, moving graphics, this app is prone to freezing from time to time, which is a disadvantage to your ranking. Sometimes, when the app freezes and you are playing a game, the app will make you automatically forfeit the game, and so you will lose the chips that you spent on the game. If that happens anyway, players are automatically refunded their lost chips. In case that still didn’t work ,customer service will refund the chips. Its really good thing.

The Way of Earning Currency is Unjust
Although you receive 2000 chips upon downloading the app, they do not last forever. It takes 200 chips to play a game, and winning only earns you 300 chips, which is 100 chips in actuality. After you have spent all of your chips, you have to wait 24 hours to earn 150 chips, or you must rely on the daily bonus or gifts from Facebook friends. This may not sound so unfortunate, but it often seems that opponent has a better set than you do, and so it is not so easy to win games and rack up the chips.

Overall, the app is worth downloading, especially because it is free on the app store. It does glitch from time to time, and the payout may seem somewhat pathetic, but the game play is of high quality and is highly addicting, and so you will find yourself playing Grand Gin Rummy for hours on end.

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