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Mobile users highly anticipate the arrival of the latest mobile apps these days. They spend a lot of time searching for apps with beneficial features which make their lives easier. So, when we heard of Gratitude Tipping, we were intrigued because of several key features the app possesses.

Gratitude Tipping, as it rightly claims, takes the fuss out of tipping across the globe. The app utilizes your location to identify the country’s acceptable tipping range. Gratitude app then efficiently calculates your total bill, inclusive of the tip, based upon the service you have received and the size of your group. In addition, it also splits the bill so that you and your friends can share the cost.

Tipping supplements people’s income across the globe and it varies from country to country, so this app is very helpul. This is where Gratitude Tipping app does the hard work for you. The app locates the country you’re in and, based upon the bill amount and the level of service you received, they make a calculated tip suggestion for you.

Gratitude tipping’s blog provides more inspiration to travel, information on destinations and tipping etiquette around the world. They also inform you which establishments are best for groups, which restaurants are top for value and where the service is considered the best.

This app is easy to use and helps you avoid those socially awkward situations when you just don’t know what’s expected. Moreover, it is a super handy little app as it saves users from committing faux pas across the world. It is a really helpful app, specifically when on a long trip through several countries with different tipping cultures. It also saves the embarrassment of under-tipping someone and saves you money from over-tipping too.

Gratitude Tipping App is well designed with the traveller in mind and the app is handy, especially when abroad. It has the knowledge to calculate a suitable tip for each country and it is definitely one the best apps to assist you when tipping in restaurants, bars, hotels or taxis. If you want a unique app, then go for this app, which will reward you with the best results when tipping abroad.

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