Great Slot Machine – The Ingenious No Brainer

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What will you say to a dose of Las Vegas when you get it right from the comfort couch at your home? Well, at Great Apps Ltd., they have developed the app, Great Slot Machines which gives you an exact experience of playing the slot machines at the famed casinos in Vegas. This game is available at the play store of Android’s that requires Android 2.2 and above to install.

In the game there are totally five slots in all that also has a pay table button, line, bet and auto buttons. In the auto slot, we must set the number of coins that we would like to bet, set the line and bet. Just as in a real casino, there are several modes like bonus games and auto games that can be played on. Though there are five slots that roll, bonus games are awarded even if three or four same symbols appear in a row. Also coins and credits are awarded for each player at the beginning itself and are accumulated as we continue playing. These bonus games are a bit of surprises that pop up at the most unexpected of times and hence they thoroughly entertain us. These bonus games can also be combined with special modes like double to gain extra points. Double is a mode that is used to play the next game after a winning game in order to double your points. The alternative to bonus games is the free spins that are awarded at the onset of scatter option where a single symbol appears 3 or more times on a single spin.

And if your credits are finished you can buy them online and reclaim your bets. The slot machines app is developed using an exclusive mathematical algorithm that makes the app look random but gives the player reasonable success without losing the interest of the player. And whats more? It is an out and out entertainment app that does not incur any financial losses for you unlike Vegas.

This app is designed in such a way that it uses the authentication details of you social networking sites and uses them before authenticating it to you to play under a certain player name. This feature enables the app to challenge your friends online, invite them to play and also share your scores on the wall whenever you surpass your friends of win a jackpot.

The developers at Great Apps Ltd. are truly exceptional in the conception of a slot machines app, as it captures the interest of people of all ages. It is understandable by all people unless your IQ is abnormally low and caters to the entertainment quotient of most of them completely. All this app could possible miss is the presence of a physical lever that sets the slots to spin as in a classic slot machine. Phew! That lever would typically bear the brunt of your loss, which cannot be so in this digitized slot machines. But jokes apart, the great slot machines is an instant rev up of your machine!

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