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As every new company, GroupCamp started out as an idea; an idea that involved making life simple for business owners and their customers. The internet is a great tool for businesses, and GroupCamp goes a step further by turning your business around and leading it in the right direction with their web-based applications. Whether you are trying to improve communication within your work group, creating great customer feedback or just improving the project that you are working on, GroupCamp is definitely for you.

New things are hard to keep up with; however, if you give it a chance, GroupCamp Project can become life changing and even one of the key programs to improve your business. GroupCamp provides many tools with their website, which allows your team to connect online, organizing new ideas while tracking the time it will take to complete your project. You can also share your files through the website, making it interactive and they will even get an email notification of the files sent. You could also keep track of your projects with email integration, so it gives you confidence that your files will be sent.

You can have an outlook on every project with the Overview feature, which allows you to see late milestones on one page as well as a schedule of upcoming milestones to be done. As far as task assignment goes, you can use their simple application which allows you to set your task, the time it will take, and the person who you would want to assign it to along with a first comment if you want to clarify anything. The Timelog application allows you to assign the hours that you will be paying for a certain task or milestone, making things clear and simple for you and your contractor.

As far as your users and clients go, whatever plan you pick gives you the chance to have them unlimited. To ensure that you try GroupCamp, they offer you 30 days free without even registering your credit card. You can try any plan whether you like the Start plan with less projects and storage, to the Max plan with the most projects and storage. GroupCamp allows you to try their website for 30 days with the same benefits you would have if you were paying for their service.

Their page is very easy to navigate and their design allows you to work on your project with ease. They know that it takes a bit of time to learn the ropes of their website, so they have a great tour page, where they show you every feature with actual pictures of what you will be expecting. If you want even more details, check out their Power Point presentations, where they include product guides on each application on the website as well as a guide for an administrator.

To ensure that you at least give it a try, you can export and keep all your data even if you do not want to pay for their services after your 30 days are up. You definitely have the chance of a lifetime to improve your business. Your data is secured with SSL security and the servers are in secure locations. There is nothing to download on your computer, all you would need is an internet connection and you are good to go. Feel free to check them out on the social networks like Twitter and Youtube as well as their blog, which you can subscribe through the RSS feed.

GroupCamp recently announced that it has completed full integration of GroupCamp Project, its online project management software with all major Google Apps applications in the Google Apps Marketplace. For more details you can visit GroupCamp Official Press Release.

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  1. Raj @ WordPress Tips & Tricks

    we are looking for a collaboration tool, Groupcamp Seems to be a good collaboration software, will check up further before we decide one..


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