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Organizing the day-to-day activities could be one of the toughest of jobs for most individuals, but what happens when it comes to organizing your groups? It is something that we don’t even consider doing it except when we are pushed. Though many people always love to keep things organized, they either lack the proper tool for executing it or the task could be expensive and complicated. GroupGel is the perfect rescue to keep your stuff organized and streamlined. You can organize all types of events, hobby groups, sports teams, church group, friends group and any other volunteer activities. Parents can also effectively use it for organizing their PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings and many other useful things like that. This web app helps you to get relieved of all your unwanted stress and tension caused by organizing group activities amidst your busy schedules. The app is perfect for organizing small and super big events; it’s a one shop stop for all your needs.

Getting Started

The users can organize any of their group activities; the basic requirement is that they have a group. The Sign-Up process is very simple, the users have to provide their basic information such as name, email id and the name of their group. Now, you can send messages, invite friends and do a host of other activities within a matter of minutes. The list of activities which can be in Group Gel is as follows:

  • Send Messages – You can send emails, text messages or deliver the message via phone calls with this feature. The users will have to enter the title and the content of the message.
  • Create and Organize Events – You can create any number of events just by clicking the add events button. The details such as title of the event, description, contact, address, venue, date and timing have to be filled to create the event.
  • Add Members – You can add members manually or import it from a spreadsheet. The user can also send emails to invite the members whom they want to add in their group. You can also send reminders to the members to update the profile information.
  • Interest Forums – The members of the group can create various interest forms and interact with other members.
  • Volunteers – It helps the users to find volunteers by selecting from the various interest forums. They can create a separate subgroup after selecting the required number of volunteers.
  • Discussions – You can start group discussions among different groups which will help participants to share ideas and opinions on multitude of issues.
  • Sign Ups – Organize the hectic task of signing up for the events organized in your group in a stress freeway.
  • Sub Groups – You can create subgroups, add or remove members and assign moderators with the help of this feature.


GroupGel is very useful web app for everyone with hectic schedules. It helps you to manage your communications and other operations in an effective way. It also works perfect for managing and coordinating your team activities.

Good – Almost Everything about GroupGel

Bad – They can add some additional features.

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