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All of us like to be in touch and stay connected with our friends and family! Moreover, the concept of social networking has now become a very common phenomenon and is widely used by people of all ages for numerous varied reasons. Texting is also one such recent trend that has caught up in speed with all other forms of communication. Making use of all these services from iPhone can prove to be a costly affair, especially when you have children in their teenage years! Hallo is the app from Hallo, Inc., that comes to the court to help overcome this problem.


• Hallo is a simple texting app which allows sending messages not by typing, but through your voice. It allows you to send voice messages that range less than 30 seconds to your friends and family.
• The app can be accessed through a Facebook or Twitter account, once it is downloaded.
• It is possible to send messages either to a single person on your list or to a particular group of people. By simply tapping the “Say Hallo” icon and recording your message, you can send your message to the specific group of people you want to.
• The app also enable you to follow and keep track of your account by offering various options in the account settings such as “Followers”, “Audio Posts” as well as follow certain contact’s activities.
• Through the app’s “Public” audio function, you can also post audio messages in public forums through your social networking account. It also allows you to monitor the activities of people following your message and listen to their comments and responses.
• The app also offers great privacy and security as you can provide only Hallo username to your friends instead of having to give the actual phone number.
• The app has a very simple and clear cut layout and appearance which makes it very user-friendly and easy to navigate. All the functions are self-explanatory and do not possess any complicated imagery or graphics.
• The Hallo is a free app which makes it a real good steal as the value derived in the form of cost cutting is extremely high. Moreover, there are no advertisements that can be a real irritation sometimes.
• The app is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation and the iPad. It runs on iOS version 4.3 or later.


Everyone carries a smart phone these days and share pictures, messages and videos of almost everything. People send these to their friends and family at different parts of the world. With “Hallo”, you can easily send all these personalized messages without having to worry about the cost and security!

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