Happy & Smile: City Of Fighting (IOS) Review

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When one logs into the app store and is inundated with the thousands upon thousands of apps that promise a great experience or a piece of tech you absolutely need, things can become a bit daunting. Where do you start? What deserves your attention? What exactly should you try out?

One certain app is definitely deserving of your attention, that app is Happy & Smile: City Of Fighting.
Created by the independent game studio HappyRabbitShow, Happy & Smile is a interesting combination of a Card game and Arcade style Beat-em-up. First up you choose a character, the characters are named heroes in the game, each hero possess different strengths and skills so choose wisely! You then spend your time roaming the city game map, searching for rouges to defeat to build up your character and take on stage bosses to progress to higher levels. To do so, you must utilize the game’s unique card system, when you find cards from roaming the map, you can build up a complete deck and use them to increase your chances of winning a battle.

The cards are varied and all yield different results, there are weapon cards, vehicle cards and you can even summon other players into the battle to help you out. This is a nifty little feature as other players will possess different strengths and attributes that can help you gain the upper hand in battle. Another thing worth noting is that the game can be played offline as well, so in case your in a spot where you can’t access the internet, you can still get stuck into the game, which is highly appreciated.

The gameplay is fun, varied and highly addictive, it has a quick learning curve but as you spend more time with the game, you will discover the hidden complexities in the game mechanics which boosts the replayability level up quite high. By combining these two types of gaming styles, it creates an interesting and original app that is a heck of a lot of fun to play.

The controls were very simple and intuitive, by simply touching the screen and sliding to move, control cards and launch into battle, you will no doubt be causing havoc building your card deck and taking on rouges and bosses in no time at all.

The graphics are sleek and well designed, they are easy on the eye and manage to walk that fine line of simple and stylish flawlessly. Each character stands out individually from the other and the backgrounds and cards are visually arresting.

The game is also well optimized, there were no hangs or crashes during the time spent playing, the frame rate was rock solid and there were no bugs or glitches to speak of.

Overall, Happy & Smile: City Of Fighting is an excellent, addictive game. It’s a game with broad appeal that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, it is slickly designed and is easy to get into but hard to master, essentially it is everything you need from an IOS app, a highly recommended purchase.


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