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Including project management software isn’t enough for HappyTodos, their approach is very visual as well if you take a look at their website. HappyTodos is colorful and fun ways to manage your projects, making your work seem much more fun to do. Along with the ability to access your team from anywhere in the world, HappyTodos includes and implements useful features such as drag and drop functions, allowing you to work while you’re out and about. If you want to get organized and make your business move forward and whether you have a project management certification or not, HappyTodos provides excellent tools that anyone can use. The application is easy to learn, having an organized website and layout helps with that as well. This web application even works for you, allowing you to sit back and include milestones while it automatically calculates to make them fit to your project.

In fact, HappyTodos is so helpful that it asks you for an estimated time for each task and it will accommodate those tasks to incoming deadlines. If you have a team working on a project, you can input daily tasks for each member, allowing them to work immediately wherever they are in the world. They can also input the time they worked on each task by using the stopper which would be the stopwatch or it can be entered manually. This is great for accuracy purposes and very effective if you have a deadline and you need to have the work done. File sharing is as easy as uploading your files to your team instantly and avoiding missing or misplaced files. Every single file will be in one place, allowing other members to see the files for reference or just to check that everything is okay.

HappyTodos includes a helpful blog which contains tips to improve time management and other aspects to better your company. What no other web based project management applications have is the live chat function, giving you extra support on any instant doubts that you may have on a certain function. HappyTodos appreciates you and the reason why they look after you is because they know how projects are and they know that the customer has deadlines, so they include functions that shorten tasks, accommodate new milestones and definitely help you out. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook or through many other social networks. It is also helpful to get them on your RSS Feed, so keep yourself updated and add them.

HappyTodos provides a free full featured version that includes an unlimited amount of projects for an unlimited amount of team members, the priority based work scheduler, a virtual project manager, time reporting, task collaboration from team members, file sharing and 100 MB storage. If you need more storage, then you can contact them to see a fixed price. Price methods include Paypal, VISA, Mastercard and other payment methods.

The good thing about this website is that they have free unlimited options, so you can try these out first to see if you like the functions and then you can go ahead and buy more space for your company. The options are much better than most project management web applications, so make sure you check this one out as well as others before spending your money. Signing up takes less than a minute and it doesn’t require credit card information if you are using the free version, so the application website is scam free. This web application is definitely recommended for its simplicity, functionality and colors when it comes to project management.

Visit this site at http://www.happytodos.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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