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Tired of sharing long videos with your friends or family that wastes too much of your precious time? Sometimes, you don’t need to send the full version of a video and want to cut a part of it with a purpose to create favorite clips of the video and then share it. It’s possible only when you have a video clip cutter. There are many software applications available on the Internet that offers this function, but they are either expensive or not worth it.

Today, I have a brilliant opportunity for you to help you create video clips within a few seconds and share the best part of the video with Hash Cut. It is not an application, but a website which is available on the desktop as well as mobile phones. It works with YouTube videos, but later on it will add many other video platforms also. Hashcut only loads embedded YouTube videos, which is a vast majority of YouTube videos but not all of them.

Now, the question is how to use Hash Cut? The process is just simple. Unlike other websites, it will not waste your time at all. You don’t have to download the video to cut and share. To begin with it, simply go to the website of Hash Cut and search or paste the URL of the YouTube video and ‘hash cut it’, this will cut the video instantly and create a video clip which is lesser than its original size. Whether it is a long video of Justin Bieber or Rihanna of 30 minutes, it can be replaced by a 30 second video with your favorite clips. Just select the desired start and end point of the video with the help of slider and create Hash Cut.

You can also combine multiple clips with mashups and create a single video.

Select the social media where you want to send the video and send away to your friends and family. The amazing thing is that your friends don’t need to have a Hash Cut account, just with the invite code they can see the videos. Your friends can see the full version of the shared video also with the link provided if they are interested to.

It creates everything you want on the go! Whether there are sports highlights, funny videos or something creative that you want to share. You can create video memes and annotate your clips to create instant memes. You can share the videos made by you through social media like Facebook, Twitter and other applications. Others can find your creations easily if you tag them so that more and more users get to know its benefit.

There is no charge to use Hash cut in this beta version, it is absolutely free. No need for an expensive software now!Give it a try and cut the videos to the point with YouTube using Hash Cut. It’s very simple and interesting. Enjoy!

PROS: create video clips within seconds; cut to the point; saves time and money; reliable; high-speed; bug free; brilliant website; cut the best of the video; create mashups; share videos via social media; creative website; free.

CONS: none.

I will give this application 4.3 out of 5 stars.
Worth Having App- Download the App


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