Helicopter Air Fighting : Best Air Combat Game

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helicopter_webappraterThis is a thrilling game for iphones that offers you a moment to be in the battle field with 3 different types of helicopter gunships to choose from. Each of the helicopters can do well in various missions of anti-air missions and anti-ground as well. The incredible thing about the game is that it can be played for free without necessarily having the internet connections. This game brings you the real battle to your home and you will never wish to stop this game because of the fascinating missions that each level comes with.
Your operating base is on board carrier. You will use this point to choose the appropriate helicopter that can take you through the mission successfully and allow you to go to the next level to unlock more weapons of war and other equipments. You will begin the game with the most humble equipments and a default gunship that is not fully equipped, but efficient. The aim is finishing the mission and earning yourself credits that you will utilize to unlock more powerful helicopters and other advanced features that will scare your enemies throughout the battle as you proceed to advanced levels of the game.
You can take full control of the chopper by making use of the control options in the keypad to move the helicopter forward or backward, to release the weapon to the target among other activities. Note that you will use your phone to control both the direction and altitude you want the chopper to cruise in, all this depend on your gadget’s gyro. For efficient and precise target it, you have to control the game accurately as possible. But playing the game is not that easy because you have to target the enemies and at the same time be in control of the chopper. The challenge is what makes the game unique and elegant. It may take you a day or two to perfect the game.
The games graphics are appealing and captivating, it compels you to play the game no matter the time of the day. The game just looks real because of its perfect visual effects that are very detailed. The gunship, the fighting scenery and enemy bases and buildings are captured in a detailed manner in the game. For instance, explosions inject terror and hiccups to all the parties that blend very well with their actions. The sound effects sound clear and precise, giving the player to relate with what is happening in the screen.
The chopper battle game is not only engaging and promising, but also impressive. It is a less complicated game that is easy to play with very responsive joystick. Moving to the other level in this game can be a setback to many players due to the fact that you have to clear all missions in a particular level to go the next. The hurdles are the one that make the game have the taste of fun and thrill.
Helicopter air combat is worth playing by the dire hard fans and beginners as well. Download the game and feel the incredible visuals and graphics that make the game one of its kind in your iphone today.

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