Helidroid 3D: The Ultimate Mission with Helicopters

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Helidroid 3D is a new presentation for android users which involves your concentration in every level of the game. The app is all about helicopters and an area where the helicopter belongs to. There are not many similar games for android users, so you are going to enjoy the game a lot. You can determine the speed of the helicopter according to your skill level and it would become easy and interesting to play the game. The levels will ask you to complete a mission which will be connected to the scenery where the helicopter is located.

Helidroid 3D is a 3D game with controls that take some time to learn. The presenter of the game, MH production has taken time out to design the tutorial which will let you understand each of the control and joysticks that are used in the game. The main part of the scenery comprises of a building, a helipad, a swimming pool and surrounding. In the surrounding, you will find skyscraper, small huts and road and your missions will include all of these. You will get chance to explore the house in 3D view and complete some missions. There are different kinds of missions where you may need to blow out candles, pass through rings and find things in the house. The first stage is all about teaching the player how to use the control; the real game starts from level 2.


  • Helidroid 3D is a 3D game that comprises of 18 levels of which 17 are general and the 18th one is a bonus level.
  • The 3D game comes with a time challenge where you have to complete a mission within the shortest possible time. The time you take will determine the number of stars you will in the level. Maximum of three stars can be won in a level.
  • You will be able to move to the higher level once you complete the lower level mission.
  • There are three types of control in the game. The first and default one is classic helidroid joystick control, then you have gyro sensor to control your copter, and RC-copter control that is generally used in video games. In every case you can choose left handed mode if you are left handed.
  • You can increase the FPS of the copter from the settings.
  • It is possible to share your score to Facebook and Twitter.
  • The graphics of the game is quite clear and it is very cool.
  • The tutorial is quite easy to understand and it teaches you about the control of the game.
  • The music of the game is quite soothing and you can choose to mute the music.
  • There are different types of mission in the game such as demolishing a house of cards, escorting the electricians, and blowing out candles.

Summary: Helidroid 3D is a three dimensional game where you have to fly a helicopter to complete the levels.

Good: The graphics are quite cool and the helicopter missions are quite interesting in the game.

Bad: The controls are a bit difficult.


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