Helidroid Battle: 3D RC Copter- A New Level of Adventure

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The last two apps in the Helidroid series have done really well in the market. MH production, the developer of this series, has not stopped with just this much. Their latest app Helidroid Battle: 3D RC Copter is a sheer delight for the lovers of this series. It is a very worthy sequel. While Helidroid I trained you with steering, training you and challenging your skills constantly with missions, the next one went further. In Helidroid II, it is taken for granted that you would have reached the level of an expert, engaging you in battles with various RC copters.

The setting has been done quite well. Although the game has been confined to the indoor environment, there are many different rooms to be explored. In total, you have three individual environments- kitchen, living room and bedroom. Variety is seen not only in the environments but also in the models of the copters. There is a Comanche, Apache and a Super Puma to choose from.

Comparing this version with the last one, there surely and noticeable change sin the graphics, although the essentials still remain unchanged. To put it simply, this game has been optimized for smooth performance on all kinds of devices, while maintaining excellent effects and neat textures. The gameplay too has changed. The basic concept of missions has been kept intact but the battles are now one to one against your computer. Your helicopter has been supplied with rockets and guns. There are unlimited bullets in the guns but the number of rockets are limited.

Every helicopter has a HP bar. Emptying that of your opponent is the key, while keeping yourself untouched from opponents. Following this will help you bag the highest scores in every level, getting you all three stars. Based on how well you perform, there are many achievements for you to unlock. There are a large number of objectives that you can accomplish during the course of the game.

To steer your copter, there are two modes or controls. In the joystick mode, you have a screenpad to control your moves and to fire. In the gyro mode, moving is done with tilt controls while there are a few screenpad buttons to adjust altitude and fire.

The catch of this game is that your copter will not crash unless an opponent knocks it down. One of the best features about this app is that the instructions have been made available in 13 different languages. And the app is free of cost, and does not include any in-app purchases either. The joystick has been placed towards the right, which is against the console convention for joystick placement.

The app is entertaining but could do with a bit more features and excitement. It tends to get boring after a while. Another essential feature that would have truly taken this app to the next level would be a multiplayer mode to compete against friends, and not only the CPU. Nonetheless, it is excellent an app and can provide good adventure and thrill for those who love battles.

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