Help Super Space Boy to Restore Happiness in the World

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With the invention of iTunes apple has opened up the door of entertainment to the users. There are several apps and games available in the store and everyday something new is being presented to the iTunes users from different providers. While some games are repetitive in concept or playing mode, some are really unique and made for fun. One such game is Super space boy which brings unique game play and a story which is quite interesting. The story says that the world is attacked by enemies who are here to take away all the happiness. The super space boy has the responsibility to save the world from those enemies.

Super space boy is a unique game as far as the visuals are concerned. You have to bounce on balloon but none of them shall deflate. You are going to collect coins as you bounce and it is quite fun. There is a special boss round in each of the level you play. The boss round is going to be tough for sure and you have to concentrate a lot in that level. Concur the bosses and win the level. You have multiple objectives in the level and the maker of the game, Craig Lauderdale, has made sure you have enough fun while playing through the levels.


  • Super boy is an action based fun game with a boy being the central character.
  • The game requires you to keep bouncing on balloons and collecting points as you do so. The more points you collect the more things you will be able to purchase from the store.
  • You shall make sure that while you bounce on the balloons, they don’t deflate.
  • There are several levels in the game and in each level you have multiple objectives like collecting stars, playing a specific number of game and more.
  • The difficulty of the game is going to increase with every level and at the end of each level you will have bosses to defeat.
  • You can purchase different boosts from the store present in the game. You will have to collect coins in order to collect boosts from the store.
  • You can upgrade your super rocket, your star magnet, boy blaster and even more from the store.
  • Apart from the store purchase you can always purchase hearts from the in-app store. 5 hearts will cost you $0.99.
  • You can pause and resume in between the games.
  • The version 3 of the game has fixed minor bugs and it takes around 21.3 MB space on your device.
  • The game is compatible to iOS 5.0 and it is optimized for iPhone 5.

Summary: The Super Space Boy is a brilliant game on iTunes store that comes with cute graphics and unique game play. The super boy has to bounce on balloons throughout the game and concur the boss at the end of each level.

Good: The visual of the game is such that is it suitable for both kids and adults.

Bad: The game has only received praise and no complaints.

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