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Hexa Dots, the new viral dots game in the Apple market, has trapped plenty of players in its hundred different levels. The game occupies a very small space in your iPhone or iPad but takes a large amount space from the normal life. Once addicted, the matching never stops. With simple and easy playing rules, the game is perfect for every age group. While children can play with changing colors, adults can bet on how quickly they can finish a level.

The game basically is very simple. Join the four dots of same color in a single line and the dots disappear. Take out all the dots in the least number of moves and you win. However, things are spicier inside. After every move you make, the colors of the dots change. This small variation takes the game to a whole different level. Making the colors has never been this addictive. The game does complete justice to the people, who spend their quality time playing it.

The graphics and in game music are very attractive too. The smooth controls make the game-play experience truly memorable. For the Apple iPhone and iPad users, this app is a great way to release the stress. The game occupies the mind completely and lets the player have a quality time.

With a hundred different types of levels, this game keeps on getting interesting. The next level always being better than the previous one, the urge to play more keeps on rising. Along with the levels, the difficulty increases too, and the players actually have to put in brain effort in solving them.

Apart from the routine, joining the dots, the game takes a new turn when extra support is provided. When the time is difficult, one can always rely on the boosters that help take out the last dot that stops from making the combination true. There are four types of power ups, namely Target, Change, Switch and Bomb. Use the Target to destroy the odd color dot in the way. Change effect, truly changes the color of the chosen dot. Swap the colors of two dots by using Switch power up and last but not the least, blow up all the dots around the center dot with the Bomb power up.

Also, the fact that coins are awarded after winning every level creates a whole new competition among friends. Having more coins than my friends is truly exciting. Although, one can always buy more coins from the store, where there are a lot of offers every day. Moreover, these coins also be used to buy power ups, which you can ultimately use to clear the most difficult levels.

To conclude, Hexa Dots is truly a great idea turned real. It is truly a mind storming and addictive game that keeps you active for a long time. Easy to use and decent to play in front of everyone, this game has taken the traditional joining dots fun to whole new amazing level. Attracting everyone to the club, Hexa Dots is truly an amazing game.

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