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They are service providers for forms and surveys of every kind and have them implemented with couple of steps. You need to choose desired free form template from the several choices and use with Flasheditor to get everything into position.

Contact forms,event registration, help and support forms, web survey , polls , data collection, interactive messaging forms are some of the forms you can create with HOTforms123. The form results are collected and posted to your account immediately. You will never lose contact with your visitors again and also not miss your sales opportunity. The forms and surveys which can be created through this site will assist you to collect all the details and data which you could possibly require from visitors. They are two paid plans namely Lite and Pro with also free plan for your convenience.

Quick Review of

  1. They are service providers for forms and surveys of every kind.
  2. Lets you to create many forms as per customer choice.
  3. Is there any difference between the two plans which are available?

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