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It is well known fact that the global users expect persuasive online software for better utilization. It could also be said that web based software is very potent since you are permitted to get all the beneficial savors. This cogent web application assuages most of the global users and greatly applauds about the savors which are created in it.

With this HotGloo web application created due to several reasons like the fact that you do not have to bother about downloading any programs or generating upgrades anymore. You can also forget about availing any complicated process you require to learn about since this cogent site will offer you the chance to make use of highly amazing service that will aid you to perform professionally a wide variety of multifarious tasks. The only thing you require to do in order to be profitable with this potent site is to sing up and select a HotGloo URL.

This advanced wireframe web application is marvel and designed with several elements that will permit you to generate as many wireframes as you wish. What is facile than just dragging and dropping, or scaling and linking your frames right instantly? So this web application stands good for the global users.

Apart from all other cogent savors this HotGloo app gives the details which you require to learn how to control your projects by editing, and sharing any stage of the developing process with colleagues and prospective clients. Eventually this HotGloo service will profit many prospective global users that require generating their potent projects without having to download any software.

Benefits of HotGloo:

Easy-to-use – HotGloo has been designed to get started very easily. The application stands out for it’s advanced yet easy-to-use features. In addition the user will find a huge repertoire of tutorial videos to guide him through the various features.

Collaborative – With HotGloo wireframing together with a team has finally turned into reality. Co-workers can join in to get work done even faster.

Independent – Thanks to it’s web-based nature, the usage becomes terminal and platform independent. The account is accessible 24/7/365 and the painful way of updating or downloading belongs to the past.

Interactive– Good UX is all about interactions. With HotGloo you will find a fully interactive system that turns wireframes into working prototypes.

Bulletproof – Built in auto-saving and additional backups of all files on secure servers is what makes HotGloo really safe and secure.

Features of HotGloo:

* 50+ UI elements (incl. viewstacks, tabs, diagrams, accordions, automatically generated nav bars and many more)
* image library
* edit/review mode
* previewlinks
* guides,rulers, snap to grid, grid
* all major shortcuts supported
* autosaving
* versioning
* team collaboration + chat
* feedback notes
* sitemap
* master element
* export to *.pdf, *.png
*observer states simulation

Who can use HotGloo:

HotGloo has been designed especially for webworkers: ux people, information architects, project managers, designers, IT people, working as freelancers, in small project groups or large agencies.

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