Hunger Crunch : Fun Game with Social Message

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Hunger Crunch is a game created by Rice Bowls to end world hunger. The objective of the app was to create a game that gets the message of world hunger out to the world, so more people can become aware of the situation. Hunger is represented in the game as evil, so it is up to you and your loyal “Beasty” to crush it.

The game has good graphics that are visually appealing to the eye. Sounds featured in the app blend well with the live action that is going on. Hunger Crunch has an entertaining concept that allows it to compete with its competitors already on the market. Your goal is to crush as many minions as possible. The minions are evil, so the more you crush, the better. Power-ups can be gained during each of your runs, and it is your mission to collect as many coins as possible. You can spend the coins in the “power ups” area of the game. It is essentially the Hunger Crunch game store. Here, you can purchase more hearts so you can have more lives. The coins you collect are what you to purchase power ups. Other power up options include shock berries which allows you to shock your way out of difficult situations you find yourself in. Fire berries allow you to use a fiery breath to destroy minions. You will need to save coins so you can have enough for the power ups. Mainly due to the fact that they can cost up to 6,000 coins each. A fourth heart will cost you 75,000 coins.

There are multiple levels that you and Beasty need to work your way up towards. You can earn up to 3 stars for each level. It is required that you pass the current level you are on to move to the next level. Prior to selecting the level you want to play, you have an option to use and play with a power up. But you also are given the choice to skip the power up and play the level regardless. You want to jump over spikes in the ground to avoid wasting a life. You also want to jump to obtain coins. To jump, all you need to do is tap the screen. For an extended jump, you want to press and hold the screen so you jump slightly higher for a longer period of time. To crush a minion, you need to double tap the screen. This allows Beasty to jump off the ground and smash down on the minion. Mushrooms help you jump higher to reach coins in the air. The spiked balls also help you jump higher, but you want to make sure you land on the top of them, because if not, they can cost you a life.

The game is fun to play and goes toward a great cause. On the start up page, there are links to finding out additional information about the real fight of world hunger. Also, there is a link where you can donate to the cause. You have the option to continuously donate, or just a one time donation. Hunger Crunch is a showcase to get this cause on a major platform. It is a great way to promote the end of world hunger.

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