Hygger – The Complete Platform to Manage All Your Projects

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In today’s competitive world, transparency has become mandatory in workplace. All the details in a work environment must be conducted from one department to another in a proper manner. Hygger is one such project management app and is a great boon to business people.

Hygger allows you to create and manage checklists and work boards on the go. You are allowed to invite any number of members into the board.  Once you login, the app asks you to create to an account. As you create an account, you are required to create your company and fill in all the company details like Name, Industry , Website and Services. The app is most intuitive and easy to use. The  overview tab of the app aids in keeping track of your current project/product activities, work in progress and overdue details.

The backlog board let’s you to sort and rate ideas based on the importance and later choose them for development. The app allows you to develop software’s using kanban/scrum. The app comes in handy for small projects to big businesses. The road map and Sprint options of the app are not available for mobile usage. You can make use of it in the web version of the app.

Hygger gives you a clear-cut picture of where your projects are. This project management tool is more suitable for teams and companies in software/product development, marketing, HR, design, sales, support, and the lot. Be it technical or non-technical, Hygger is a valuable tool for all the project management needs. After assigning a project, you can allot individual tasks and subtasks to all your teammates and give them the deadlines. As tasks get completed, managers can keep track of them. The app is a great time saver and lets you to plan, execute and collaborate all your projects at one place. The free version of the app comes with a trial period of 2 weeks and you are allowed to add only 5 users and 5 boards. The online assistance team in that app clarifies your doubts and allows you to give them suggestions for improvement.

Some additional features of the app like drop box, Google drive integration, BitBucket and GitLab integration are available only under certain payment, which may not be possible for small business. The email notification settings need to be more compliant.

The app app available in Web Version and Android Version.


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