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Have you ever wanted to ask a question just to hear what other people think? i1der (i wonder) makes that possible by providing you with a way to ask all its users or just people you invite. The page itself looks like an iPod/iPhone application, as you only use one page and the text just comes alive. This web app gives you an i-ask button for you to ask either text-based or photo-based questions. Just make sure to not post awkward photos which your children might see later on.

The i-answer section provides a dozen questions at a time and you can choose a filter to answer certain questions. i1der gives you points for all questions that you ask and answer. In the future, they hope to have sponsors who reward people for their points. After you answer the question, you can see other people’s answers, share the question with other people (through email links plus automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter) or pick it as a favorite question for others to notice. This is also good for people who want to sell an item and have no idea what the consumer feels about it. You can see fun questions and you can see pretty weird questions. The app has great politics questions and it’s a great way to ask students questions on how to start forming opinions on that subject.

When you see a red !-button on the app, it shows your priority questions. Those are questions that are posted to private categories that you belong to. It lets you jump right to those questions. The #-button is a search option to look for any question by number. The i-see button lets you see how people answered the questions that you asked and others that you have answered.

So why an app where you can ask questions? The owner explains that we have a natural curiosity to wonder and we always want to know if people agree with you or not. If you are a company that wants to have their employees complete a survey for any kind of reason, you can also take advantage of this web app, as it provides you with privacy and a great interface which makes it easier to get your answers. If you refer someone, this app automatically credits you for referring them and, in the future, will provide certain features for new sponsors as well as loyal customers, so make sure to have that feature enabled. Celebs are also able to make an account and ask questions as long as they verify that it’s really them. Celebs are also able to post their picture as well as others, providing a fun environment to laugh and provide opinions on their wardrobes, their interviews, among other things.

So what do you pay for the website? Unless you are a sponsor, have your own business or become someone important, you do not need to pay a cent. So feel free to use this application for either work or fun.

Visit this site at http://i1der.com/ and post your reviews as comments.



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