IA OE – The Creative Game Of Magical Geometry Blocks

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Most often we use our smart phones to do some work or to socialize ourselves. As we grow up it is very rare we lose ourselves in some absorbing game to kill time. The trouble lies in finding an app that has no upcharges or ask for small transactions. IA OE is one such unique app with no such charges. The app consists of geometry blocks that really brings your childhood memories.

If there is one game that can be a combination of EDM, spikes and rainbows, then it is definitely this one. Yes, IA OE is a combination of mechanics of the many games that we have played as a kid. The concept is to make the flare move ahead. In the game, you will be the flare and help yourself to find a way. The app asks you to challenge yourself to the near impossible.

The app is developed by MDeeApp, the most creative app development company based in Italy. I have downloaded many apps of their creation and they always have a special place in my mobile. IA OE has many different caverns, dungeons and pathways through which you have to traverse in order to win the game. Using the game controls: left, right and jump buttons wisely increases the winning chance in the game.

IA OE is difficult to master as it requires a number of strategies that you must follow. Dodging the out bursting crackers from nowhere, avoiding falls when you jump from one position to another and the spiky obstacles are some among the many hurdles of the game.

Special Features of IA OE include:

  • A unique concept where you bethe flare in the game.
  • A practice session to improve your skills.
  • A rhythm based actionplatforming with different soundtracks and achievements.
  • Icons and colors to shape your character(flare).
  • Fun game mechanism withcolorful graphics and an easy-to-use interface.

There are options in the game that lets you to alter the background color. IA OE contains ads placed by the developer. The new version of this arcade lite game has come up with many updates that include many adventures and help you discover the geomission of the game and to pass all the levels with a high score.

IA OE fits both the young and the old ones at home and you can download it without any second thoughts. It is completely an entertainment app that keeps you playing for hours together. Come on, let us jump and fly our way across danger in this rhythm based action platformer.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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