Ice Joe Free – A Cool Journey on your Android Phone

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In this hot summer, get ready for an action packed adventurous journey that will give you chills. You will get to face different creatures with all of them willing to kill you while glaciers pass you by. You are caged inside ice caves and you have no information regarding how you reached there. It’s just complete suspense. But as you will progress, some flashbacks let you gain some more information about you and what made you reach there.

Icy Joe is one of the newest entries in the android games featured this year and is one of the most promising one for game lovers. The game is somewhat similar to Doodle Jump and can be regarded as the advanced version of Ice Climber. It features 50 adventurous levels with each level having a potential to make it difficult for you to complete. Also, there is an unlimited mode for never ending fun. You start from the bottom of cave to reach the top. But there are a lot of unexpected things happening that might be discouraging for beginners. But to keep your chance alive, you get a lot of bonuses, just as in any other game, which will make this journey interesting and a little easier for you.

The display of the game makes it catchy for anyone who gets a hand on it just to check it out. The different animals prove to be the showstoppers and seem to be totally out of this world. It’s not easy to battle them out as you have a lot of things to keep your mind attended. Also, that ‘mystery factor’ is provided by keeping your identity secret and revealing it time to time to make the application more engaging. It is like a story building up as you reach higher levels. The title of the game goes perfect as far as the journey goes.

The game is a sure shot and one of the best ice games ever for mobile applications. But, the controls of the game are a bit disturbing and make it difficult to play the game smoothly. You have to tap the screen on the left to attack and on the right to jump. However, it could have been better if you get a display button on the screen to make it more clear where to tap. It is not a big deal but could have been used. Also, the pattern of the game has been outplayed before but the difficulty level is much higher. It can be regarded as the ‘new beer in same glass of water’ because the stuff it provides is new to the industry and new concepts have been used as far as the twists go.

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