iComptroller.com – Getting Your Finances In Order

by | Aug 4, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments

The current economic climate encourages more and more people to start their own businesses. These individuals will invariably need tools to tackle their accounting and invoicing needs. iComptroller is one such tool, and one that has quite an interesting revenue model: people can use it for free, and then pay the company what they think it’s worth.

As an Internet tool, iComptroller can take care of all the main accounting tasks that most small businesses and freelancers have to deal with on a daily basis. These include cost tracking and reporting along with the ability to generate professional-looking invoices and send them on their way without any kind of delay. Some of the cash transactions that iComptroller can deal with include standing orders, direct debits, the receipt of miscellaneous funds and your own use of petty cash. Likewise, iComptroller is capable of handling multiple tax rates. And foreign currency transactions are supported, too. As it was mentioned at the beginning, you can start using this application for free. You can actually use your Google account in order to gain access to iComptroller, so that is another advantage that the whole service has got.


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