Icon8, the New Age Bot to Spice up your Selfies

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Selfies are the trend of the day. People are not just happy with camera clicked selfies but they are now choosing filters in order to make the selfies either look better or artistic. There are apps dedicated to apply the required filters on the photographs taken and there are numerous of them available in the app stores. Prisma and Artisto are quite popular too, but they have certain limitations. Icon8 is a new bot in that offers something different from just filters.

Icon8 is a bot for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. The filter apps are common but Icon8 is a bit different. It brings only six filters at a time, and there are the only you can use. However, a new filter is added every few days so that the user can get something new.

While bringing six filters for the users, the app keeps only those filters that are used more and shared more. So the one filter that stays behind in the run goes out of the queue when a new one enters. Systematic R&D in neural networks is responsible for creating unique filter for the app in question. So, if a filter is used the most, week after week, it continues to stay in the app. The theory is just to keep the fittest in the run and offering the best to the users.

While Prisma and Artisto are two of the most sought after filtering app on the store, but Icon8 is not way behind. The app is soon picking up the tempo as far as the no of downloads are concerned. It already has 1,000,000 users total in all the platforms where it is used. Every addition of new filter adds to 5% user growth. This is due to the fact that the filters are improving significantly enough to keep people engaged with the app.

Icon8 is the bot within the messaging apps. It is easy to use; all the user needs to do is to start using the bot in the messenger.Icon8 is just perfect for the selfies and other pictures. The filters are really great and the app has received some very positive reviews. It was first released as a bot but the soon the company launch a standalone app for. The app is going viral these days and download is shooting up rapidly.


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