iCoolHunt.com – Location Based Social Networking Game

by | Sep 2, 2011 | Reviews | 0 comments

It is the first location-based social networking game in the globe of cool hunting. It is possible that you can determine what’s going to be cool – before everyone else. In streets, bars, parks, museums, parties, shops, which are quite creative and expedient?

You can come across much social game but this site has new social game in which people competes each other to search the next big things when it comes to technology, lifestyle, music, fashion and design.

In actual practice, it is done by having pictures of what they think is cool uploaded to the site. While rest of the community will vote these submissions up and they also explain why they have cast such votes by leaving effective comments.

It has really merit savors worldwide map in which all the findings are effective. The map goes by the name of the Trenditory, and able to access it from the main page. It offers the newcomers realize which parts of the world have the highest concentration of innovativeness, and offer people who have actively taken to the site. It also figures out what others in their close vicinity are up to.

Visit this site at http://www.icoolhunt.com and post your reviews as comments


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