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When you think of a crime scene, there are many aspects that you will need to remember when you collect evidence. Since you get to the scene, there are many things that you can miss if you do not start compiling that evidence immediately. However, carrying video cameras, voice recorders and pen and paper can prove to be a hassle if you are alone at the crime scene. Icrimefighter provides every single one of these tools in one place, allowing you to compile your evidence in an organized and simple way, by using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Some people start by taking interviews from the people around the crime scene as well as the people involved, so you would start by recording them on your voice recorder. When you start up iCrimefighter, you have the Interview Icon on your menu, which allows you to record as many interviews as you can, and classifying them by name. Once you have those interviews ready, you can proceed to take some pictures of the crime scene or car accident as well as the lesions on the people affected if you would want the insurance to have that evidence later on.

Videos are very important, as they provide both pictures and audio from the scene and can give out details that you may have missed, so this icon is one of the most crucial to have once you start looking at the evidence. If you have any additional comments on the crime scene, you can jot these down on the notes icon, which you can also use to summarize the events that went on at the crime scene. Every event is on the View/edit cases, where you can browse through case numbers and edit the information once you want to add the finishing touches.

Whether you want to use it for car accidents, crime scenes or other aspects, iCrimefighter provides a great selection of tools for EMS, Law enforcement and people who are there to help first. The best part about this application is that you can carry all of these on your iPhone/iTouch or iPad. You also have the ability to classify each case by case number or name, which keeps the information organized and concise. So whenever you need to look for the case for the insurance company or to create a file on your computer, you can find each case easily and effortlessly.

So what price tag does this application have? As far as price tag goes, you won’t need to worry about paying too much for this application. You actually pay for what this app is worth and we believe that $2.99 is a great price for this application, considering that you won’t have to pay for a notebook to jot down every single case, that you will have it all organized and that you will not lose your data while you use this application. We would suggest, however, that users have the option to have this application as password protected, just in case the device is stolen. While people might just erase the data on the phone, it is very important to have information like crime scenes as confidential. Apart from that matter, this application has been rated five stars by users which are mostly from law enforcement and that will definitely recommend this to anyone without thinking otherwise. Do yourself a favor and buy this application, after all, you may have already spent money on things that you don’t really need. So why not buy an application that you will actually use over and over again?

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