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Surprisingly, the rate at which innovative ideas are being generated in our current modern society is absolutely mind blowing. Each new day individuals are engaging their minds into thinking and coming up with ideas that can make life interesting and worth living. Clearly stating, a world with interconnected great ideas can indeed enhance the speed at which transformation can emerge from such creativity. Interestingly, IdeaSwipe, an incredibly amazing app, has come just at the right time to help facilitate efficient exchange of innovative ideas. All that one need is to initiate that creative idea and share with different people including friends.

Designed and created by Effective Mind AB, this IdeaSwipe app is now available in its latest version 1.2 which was last updated on 5th February, 2016. This clearly implies that its users will experience some great changes and upgrades that have been integrated in this amazing app. Currently, this app is accessible both in English and Swedish which are widely understood by the majority of its users. Its efficiency, high performance and its ability to induce radical ideas makes IdeaSwipe an absolute choice and worth getting! It always begins with an idea, before ultimately turning to something big and unimaginable.

Compatible devices for IdeaSwipe

With such great capabilities of enhancing consistent performance, IdeaSwipe requires a strong and efficient platform to carry out such a task Thus it functions perfectly well on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. Users are bound to experience seamless integration of their devices and this incredible app once they have installed the app.

How IdeaSwipe works

Apparently, the entire operation of this amazing app is pretty simple to understand. This helps the user to get into the awaiting experience faster and with much ease. Actually, everything just starts with a single click; the user needs to develop a completely creative idea and then present it using different images, texts and even through a more digital way of voice. Once an individual has captured that information, one can go ahead and share it with friends to get their views about that creative idea. In no time, the idea will get the required attention emanating from the debate created.


Interestingly, there are great features that are associated with IdeaSwipe app. They are meant to enhance user’s satisfaction and a great experience while applying them. They include the following:

Create a big challenge

It is clearly known that developing a typical challenging idea that need to be unraveled will always stimulate different opinions. This would ultimately lead to generation of new ideas emanating from friends and other invited people into the challenge. IdeaSwipe has proven to be the best platform to efficiently perform this task.

Instant capture of new ideas

As a user, it is crucial to ensure that each idea is put down in the records (found at Personal Idea Book). This actually enables one to consistently check on their progress and how reality they can become. One should not let a creative idea diminish before being captured.

Develop a live brainstorm

Apparently, one of the most fascinating things that make individuals to think really quickly is their engagement in a brainstorming session. The zeal to answer and comment on the questions right indeed compel people think wide and come up with innovative ideas. IdeaSwipe fully supports this feature that makes interactions worth beneficial.

Quick check of creative profile

The user profile found in this app allows one to perform a fast analysis in relation to the creativity progress. It gives out the number of people one has interacted with, the time period of creative interaction and other statistics based on how creative one has become. A comparison between friends can also be made!

What about thought-triggers?

This is an incredible feature that allows the user to transform different old time solutions into more viable modern solutions. New ideas can always be applied on them to give such ideas a completely unique combination.

Prioritized ideas

Sometimes individual engage in projects that may tend to adopt different alternative ideas. IdeaSwipe allows the user to arrange the ideas found at the personal Idea Book in relation to their level of goodness. This makes things pretty simple to undertake.

Below are some of the pros and cons identified from the IdeaSwipe app:


· Convenient- interaction from anywhere , anytime

· High quality formation-great themes and effects

· Easy to setup and operate

· Amazing performance

· A great tool for innovative ideas


· Presence of bugs though the problem has been fixed

· Difficult to get search list of friends

Final Verdict

Great innovation is a vital component in our modern society. This is because every system can operate and activity be done efficiently and easily through great ideas being generated. IdeaSwipe is more than just an ordinary app. Its unique quality and performance oriented features makes it worth downloading for free at Apple Store. Don’t miss out. Get it now!

Worth Having App – Download the App


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