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In the present science age, it is hard for one to believe anything that violates Newton’s laws and though everyone has his own favorite super hero in the likes of Superman, Spiderman, Iron man and Batman to name a few, there is a fine line of separation between virtual and real. It is not far even that there will be a nomenclature to name a newborn human baby, just as we do for other chemical substances and astronomical bodies. Still there is a small element of superstition or we can say belief embedded inside every human brain that makes every person believe in the God. That is why; people don’t forget to read their horoscope everyday in the newspaper before going to work. But it is mostly based on your professional schedule rather than the personal one. Be prepared to turn your heads to the new one!

We have a new iOS app, iHeroscope for you that has been developed by Nicola Alaia. Being compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the app has been optimized for iPhone 5 as well and requires iOS 5.0 or later version installed on your device. What the app takes you through is an erotic journey and acts as a guide for the journey to be safe and enjoying. What you get is actually a horoscope but regarding how hot your day will be and how the temperature level can be raised if it’s too cold for you now. Don’t bother whether you are single or not, the app has a separate secret chamber for everyone.

When you launch the app, there are twelve zodiac signs as usual. Other than that, there is a special iHeroscope sign for each of them as well such as a pole dancer, bra or panty to further arouse your feelings. You can also select your sign and enable daily notifications so that you can access them easily without going through the same procedure again and again. Apart from the regular advice and your future instinct, it also tells you the right color, element and pose. You can view the horoscopes for two days at a time i.e. today and tomorrow. For further readings, you’ll have to wait one extra day. But there is a limitation that color, element and pose will be same for the two days. No one would like to follow the same for two days.

The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store. It comes with Facebook and Twitter integration so that you can share your readings with your friends directly from the app. Also, it comes in many languages such as English, French, German, etc so that locals can also use it with ease.

You won’t find many apps for the same purpose in the App Store. Also, the app is beautiful to look at and has some naughty elements to match the concept. We really liked the whole concept and design. Crafted for adults, the app can only be downloaded from the App Store if you are 17 years or older.

Pros: beautiful interface, advice for color, element and pose as well; Facebook and Twitter integration, multi-lingual.

Cons: repeated advice for two days regarding color, element and pose.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


  1. iHeroscope

    New version 1.1 released.

    FREE for a limited period of time.

    – Share horoscope via email
    – Minor bug fixed

  2. iHeroscope

    New version 1.2 released.

    – Kamastutra pose of the day
    – Sign names on main screen
    – Minor bug fixed


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