IKARIN Flying – Race for Life and Friendship

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It was a dark day in the history of sea animals. Some alien ships came at thrilling speeds and took all the sea animals except one, Ikarin. This sea squid could do nothing but watch her friends being taken forcefully to an unknown fate. She’s in tears waiting for somebody to help. But then she finds out that she’s all alone and the only hope for the water-world. Then she decides to take on the aliens and their UFOs for the sake of her friendship and flies away in anger. But will she be able to use this anger in the right manner or just broke down in tears again and fall empty handed?

That’s the story of the latest iOS app called IKARIN Flying that has been developed by Masakari Games. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.

The mission is as simple as stated: catch the UFOs and rescue the friends. But first, we have to sort out on how to keep AKARIN flying right in the middle of the sky. Well, we know that she was furious over these aliens and that’s how she started her journey. Maybe then that’s the way to continue doing so. So in the way, you’ll find some anger power ups which will push the squid up with the same boost as she started off with. But the journey will be quick and smooth only till the anger supply is there. Once it’s lost, so is the battle.

But anger power ups are just like diesel to your car. You can only race if you have the fuel in it. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve won the race. So to catch the UFOs, you’ll have to avoid the obstacles and on the same time, match with their high speed. Going along, you have to rescue your friends as well. Then there are some stars to collect as well. If you manage to collect all the stars, then there are some hidden friends as well which you’ll be able to rescue.

There are so many directions to this game that it’s difficult to follow one when you know you’ve to follow all of them. You have to keep the speed up to catch the UFO. But the quicker you go, the difficult it is to avoid the obstacles or take the stars or rescue your friends which ultimately are what you’re fighting for. So it’s a double-headed arrow hitting you from both sides.

Don’t celebrate if you’ve caught one UFO as there are many more to follow. The graphics, the speedy flyway, the stars, obstacles and friends all together contribute to a great experience. You’ll be hooked to this game like an addict. So make sure you can fight that addiction back!

By the way, the app is available for free in the Play Store.

Pros: thrilling race; engaging graphics and gameplay; lots of UFOs to catch; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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