iMonica – iOS Digital Harmonica App for Music Lovers

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Ever wanted to learn how to play the harmonica? Want to find a new way to play it without ever having to take it with you? You are in luck because you can get a harmonica on your iPod touch or the iPhone and play anytime, anywhere in the world. We guarantee that it will save you time and money when you go and buy a new harmonica to start practicing. Once you start up the application, you have three buttons to guide you along with your harmonica. These buttons are: Help, Play and Setup. Set up allows you manipulate the tone, harmonica color and other useful functions.

Why would I be interested in the harmonica?

You have the option to play the harmonica like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Takuro Yoshida and other musicians. Apart from being an interesting instrument to play, it will be an eye opener once you play in front of a crowd, your family and even your friends. How is it different from a regular harmonica? You can change the tones, the color of your instrument and even the keys. This iMonica application would be great for talent shows because it is original and people will actually notice you. You can also change the tone of the harmonica to a whistle tone in just a few easy steps.

I don’t know any songs to play. How do I practice?

The application’s website has the keys to play along with a few music videos from artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Japan. Two songs available to play from The Beatles are “Love Me Do” and “Please Me”. You can choose to see the harmonica keys and even the guitar tabs for those who have a friend who plays the guitar. Playing in groups is much better than practicing alone, so pair up with your friend and share the application. You can also search through the internet to find the keys to many other popular songs that you may know. If you want to learn, you will find a way to play the harmonica.

Do I have to actually blow on my iPod?

You should remember that there are at least 10 keys on a regular harmonica, and you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between tones even if you had an iphone to blow on. Turn your device sideways and the harmonica will appear in landscape mode. Press your lips to the corner of your ipod, make sure that the screen is clean and that you keep your hands clean. The iPod will emit a clean sound which will amaze your friends and would definitely spark interest among a crowd.

How much is it worth?

iMonica App is worth much more than a regular harmonica in terms of features, abilities and the ability to take it anywhere in the world. The price isn’t excessively high; it’s actually a steal if you want to learn how to play the instrument or if you just want to try it out for fun. Just imagine how fun it would be for you to play the harmonica and have people wonder where the sound is coming from! This application is worth 99 cents on the Itunes app store.

Are there any user reviews on this iMonica application?

There are not enough user reviews to be displayed on this application because it has been released recently. However, we can say that we have tried this app and it is definitely worth the download and the 99 cents. After all, there are apps that you buy at higher prices that you never use, why not spend your money on something productive?

Worth Buying App for Music Freaks – Download the App

Get more updates and Videos on iMonica Developer Site.


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