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For several Indian panorama movie followers you can use this site as the direct equivalent of the Internet Movie Database for Indian films. Everything discussed or analyzed on this website.

The global users of this site can sign up for free, personalize their accounts and then start interacting with others based on these films that they either adore or detest. It will be able to make lots of new kind of acquaintances along the way – people with whom they will be able to relive their favorite scenes, and also with whom to impugn about the merits of Indian cinema on the whole.

They are six important geographical sections included namely Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. You can very well view the top ten films for each of these sections on the homepage, too. In addition, the newest forum entries are marked for you to know what your newfound friends have been doing ever since you last checked the site out. By this method, you can view the remaining top of the discussions or debates that have a reason of efficaciousness to you. It is a effective way to remain posted on all the best Indian movies that are released.

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