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The world’s first of its class Social Proof tool, UserStats has been launched; this tool is specially designed for improving conversion rate of the Web Businesses. Lately, internet has become one of the most robust, as well as inexpensive platforms for business of every size; it offers high flexibility and greatest reachability to any business, and with the help of the unique tool UserStats the online businesses now can easily increase their conversion rate, fuelling their revenue and growth. UserStats work towards building trust within your visitors; it engages visitors on your site and improves the rate of conversion by presenting verified UserStats on your website.

In the age of internet, online social proof is no doubt the new marketing tool which can offer any business with a great way to improve customer trust, reliability and can help in developing customer relationship. UserStats can work as the best way to interpret that your products are unique to the new visitors, and at the same time make the old customers rely on your brand for years. So, if you own an online business, and you are planning to use the latest online marketing tools to improve your website’s performance, include UserStats in your website today; and reap the maximum benefits.


  • The working process of the application is simple. Once you subscribe to the service you website is added with a widget, which automatically starts to show the statistical details about your website as they are collected.
  • UserStats can provide fantastic results for small one-product sites as well as huge travel sites engaging lots of server space.
  • The tool is created by online marketing and conversion rate experts of the industry with years of experience in the field, and offers a guaranteed way to improve the number of site visitors.
  • UserStats offer a complete statistical solution for different types of online businesses, such as e-commerce websites, software and application websites, gaming websites, as well as websites related to travel and hospitality, membership, and lead generation.
  • UserStats offers an interesting and confirmed way of influencing the visitors with the real statistics; rather than luring them with expensive advertisements.
  • The application comes with a simple and upfront charge; without any type of hidden cost. The clients have to pay depending on their traffic volume, and they can have the full accessibility to the user statistics of their site.
  • The developer is committed towards providing the best support to all its customers and they ensure the highest confidentiality for your website data. The company maintains a state of the art infrastructure and double layer backup system so that your valuable data is never lost.
  • There is also a free trial plan of UserStats which can be used for under 1,000 monthly widget impressions; and for higher impressions clients can opt for any of the three plans: basic, pro and premium, according to their requirements.

Summary: UserStats is a latest application which guarantees to improve the conversion rate of any website with proper showcasing the real user statistics of the site.

Good: The application is the first of its kind and comes with 100% no risk, 30 days money back guarantee.

Bad: No bad reports about the application have yet been received.

 Worth Having Web app :  Try UserStats Today


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