Importance of Internet Parental Controls in this Digital Era

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Very few of us get to know what our kids are going through. Your kids, especially teens have to face a number of challenges and you must support them in finding the possible way out. I have been searching for a friendly app for quite a while and finally I came across this app, FamilyTime. It’s an internet parental control app with a lot of other interesting features, making it worth using.

Are you a helicopter parent?

Some parents like to hover over their kids all the time. But being a helicopter parent won’t help today rather, you should solve your kids’ problems by talking to them like a friend. But can you talk without knowing what they are going through? Using smart parenting tool allows you to know what is bothering you kids and this way you can help them to better connect with the society.

A few things you might need to know

  • Usability: Easy user interface and simple activation process
  • Price: Extremely easy on your pocket, just a couple of bucks a month
  • Compatibility: works well at all Android and iPhone smartphones
  • Design consistency: it’s a pretty app which works equally well on different platforms

What are the unique features?

Online habits

View the Websites your children have viewed and the number of times they have visited a specific site.

Call logs

Check call history, call details, and contact information.

GPS tracker

Trace their current location and where they have been, get instant notification if they visit suspicious places.


View the number of messages they send and receive, and monitor names and numbers of contacts.

Panic/danger alerts

Get panic alerts instantly from your kid at the time of any trouble

Special alerts

Get informed by FamilyTime about any contact of your kid with questionable contact or place

My verdict : FamilyTime a best choice

Overall, FamilyTime is an amazing app. I have had an exceptional experience with all of its features. Most of the apps promise a number of features, but fail to deliver all. But FamilyTime is very accurate at providing what it claims which makes it a prominent app among all other internet parental controls.  Moreover, its not an ordinary parental control, instead it provides some special features at an easily affordable price. Keep calm, try FamilyTime and be a multitasker parent!


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