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Keeping mental health ingood condition is an important thing. Even for a kid it is important. Sometimes we get to the condition in which we need guidance about the same. In this condition, Feelu could be a great way. It is a beneficial platform for both kids and parents.


Feelu is a mobile app that encourages children’s to be mindful and grateful. It is not a professional therapy or any advice. The main aim of this app is to spread happiness and kindness by the promotion of mental health in kids. This app will also give out steps on dealing with negative feelings.

Features of Feelu:

As far as if the features of this application is considered, the app is full of cool graphics. The color combination is also nice in this app that is reflecting on the child’s taste. To increase the interest of a kid, there is an addition of music which gives out the great effect. No user profile or any other sign up, the app could be easily used. Different feelings with their iconic presentation. There is step by step guidance in handling the bullying.

How it works?

The working of the app is simple enough to understand. Only you need to download and install the app. After that, you will get six sections which are Feelings, My Feelings, Game, Kindness, Handle Bullying, be mindful. All these sections have a different role in working.

  • Feelings: Used for exploring different feelings. There is also a suggestion that helps in handling difficult feeling. This could help with tantrums. For each feeling, there is a description and an example.
  • Game: In this section, a child can express how he or she will respond to a different incident. It’s not like a quiz and there is no wrong or right answer.
  • My Feelings: This can be considered on a daily basis. This section is used to encouraging kids to be grateful for their small things. This helps out in improving their mental health.
  • Kindness: Promoting the kindness in kids towards animals, nature and other human beings. It helps in generating feelings for all creatures.
  • Handle Bullying: It suggests three simple steps if the child is abused or bullied. Repeating these steps on a regular basis encourage kids to act properly.

All these sections working individually and child could follow the step by step approach in the application.

Merits of using this app:

  • It’s a friendly app for kids
  • Suitable to get the solution for bullying
  • Good for getting the steps on bullying solution
  • Encouraging children’s to be kind and grateful
  • It reduces tantrums
  • User-friendly application
  • Give relaxation to their body

Availability and price: The availability of the application is on App Store for iOS platform. The price of the app is $1.99.


Feelu is a mobile app that is suitable for kids. This application is like a boon for kids. Parents can easily go for this application that conveys the best result in improving their kid’s mental health.

Summary: Feelu is a mobile application that brings out a chance for kids to improve their mental health.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 4.5
  • Graphics: 5
  • Features: 4.5

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