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Who do you think is the most important factor to account for the success of a movie? The Director who is actually the backbone of a movie or the star cast with the gorgeous lady luck driving the audience to the theatres? Or is it the story of the movie that predicts the future before anyone else does? Well, there can be many other such factors you can give a reason to count for. But in the end, I think none of them matters as much as a person who has nothing to do with the pre-production or the post-production of the movie. He/she might have never met anyone from the star cast, but his/her single vote against or in favor of the movie can either take it off the screens or keep it there for the next 3 months. Yes, we’re talking about a movie critic. They’ve got a very serious job in their hands. You want to get it?

I’m talking about a website which allows you to turn you into a critic and rate recently released movies, TV shows, games, podcasts and even restaurants. But if you read the name of the website once again, it reads “a” word reviews and that’s the essence of this website. It’s obvious that everyone doesn’t have the time to read the entire 1-long page review. Most of the times; the reader skips to the last line of the review, reads the rating given by the critic and signs off. So it’s a clear waste to describe the entire plot of the movie, acting and blah-blah. Just cut straight to your rating meter and that’s all.

Here at, if you’re being invited to write reviews, then you have to describe your entire feeling in just one word. A word is all that’s required to condense your entire experience. So say you enter the website to find out reviews of a recently released movie, you’ll find some words against that movie name and you’ll get a good idea if it’s worthy to watch or not. If you want to know what your friends are watching and what they think of them, login with your Facebook account and the website will show only the reviews submitted by your friends.

If you want to leave a review, say for a game, under that game name you’ll find some blank space. If you find the exact word to your answer, you can check out their suggestions; maybe you’ll find one there.

A major advantage of this website is that you find reviews for all the major releases on the same page whether it’s a movie, a game or a popular TV Show. You don’t have to search separately for each one of them. Moreover, sometimes two movies of different genres can have the same rating but words of praise can be different. So whether you want to submit reviews or you’re looking for one, is the right place for you!

Pros: one-word reviews; quick to submit, easy to read; covers movies, TV shows, podcasts and restaurants.

Cons: none.

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