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Do you know what “Budgeting” means? Well, it means to cut down on your expenses with an aim to introduce efficiency in the system. Now, saving forms a primary portion of Budgeting; the more you save, the more efficient your process is. This concept of budgeting applies to our home as well and not necessarily to our monthly ration expenses. If you buy clothes or visit a bar or even get a new haircut, these are all expenses that finally add to your monthly budget and therefore you must count them into your saving-cycle as well. If you can get a discount off them, it’d be a cherry on top. But where will you find them. Of course, when you head for a party with friends, you won’t get out of a bar just because there’s no offer running at the moment. Once you’re inside, there’s no heading back. But what if you could get the address of the offer on-the-go and then head in the same direction?

So here we have this new iOS app called Inby which literally means nearby in Scottish. The app is designed with a simple concept: to make it easier for one to find discounts in the nearby stores and restaurants when one needs. When you open the app, you’ll find a map and you’ll find many promotional messages pinned to different locations. All these messages are actually discounts, offers or vacancies that are available in these stores. So before you head to a particular store, first check out if there’s any offer running there or not. It’s quite possible that there’s no discount in that store but there’s a very good offer available in the very next door.

Inby shows you the messages from each and every store in the town. While this is good that you won’t miss even a single offer, it’d also create a chaos-like situation making it very difficult for you to find what you want. Thankfully, the developers recognize this fact and they’ve given you some very handy tools to easily find what’s required. First, you can filter the results choosing between four different categories. So if you’re out of money and looking or a job, discounts and offers are meaningless to you. So wipe them out and search for vacancies alone. Second, Inby lets you subscribe to your favourite stores or stores that you visit most frequently. So you’ll be notified if they’ve something new to offer you and it saves you both time and hectic.

Inby has a very neat and clean interface. Everything has been well sorted out, whether they are messages or the stores. It’s easy to navigate and designed elegantly as well. So the next time you step out for shopping, don’t forget to refer Inby first for the best offers available. And in case I forgot to tell you, this app is completely free!

Pros: find offers closest to you; neat and clean interface; filter categories; find vacancies; subscribe to favourite stores and get notified; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the app