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Innovation Age of Crafting is an innovative puzzle game, which covers the history of humans and their different inventions across the most exciting historical ages i.e. the Stone Age, the Middle Ages Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Modern Age. Travel through history with well over 120 levels and lots of fascinating stuff to discover therein.

Concept. The game has a simplistic concept. It involves carefully moving on a grid that is strewn with dynamic obstacles. Drag items and merge them to discover new combinations. The discovered combinations will reveal inventions, objects and technologies related to the different time periods.

Visuals. The visuals are colorful, true to life and very engaging. It has a realistic edge-one that is not overly done.

User Interface. The interface is very basic, user friendly and self-explanatory. Gamers will not have a hard time being part of this game or interacting with it.

User Experience. This game has a very warm, individualistic delivery. It will draw you into it and make you part of it.


The main aim of Innovation Age of Crafting is joining two tiles, and as a result getting a new tile. The new tiles can also be joined with other tiles to get other new tile altogether. For example, joining two “Early Man” tiles gets you a “Family” tile. Then joining a “Family” tile with a “Cave” tile gets you a “Cave Painting” tile. Move the items in the screen if you want to merge them. Pay great attention to the many traps that have been hidden in every level and complete your collection of innovations using only a single weapon: crafting!


The objective of each board is to help the player learn how humans evolved (just by having them do combinations that ignited the evolution). For example they can see how food preservation was invented by the early humans once they had started building huts.

Innovation – Age of crafting takes the player through the different steps of evolution using simple missions in the different chapters. A dedicated button has been provided for players without the patience to try out the various combinations necessary to discover the objective of each board. But with a little interest and maybe some help from Google, one can score each board without even peaking at the game’s help page.


The free version of Innovation Age of Crafting is limited to ten free boards in the first 2 levels (Antiquity, Stone Age) of the game. The full version however contains five levels, with a total 125 levels (25 levels in each level).

Summary of features. 

  • This game delivers an original mix between an arcade game and a puzzle game.
  • Carefully move paying a lot of attention to different obstacles.
  • Each chapter features several amazing squares.
  • Create new combinations while discovering the most exciting historical ages.
  • 5 chapters and well over 120 challenging levels!
  • Complete your collection of discoveries and achieve various precise goals at each level.

Availability. The game is available for most iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, and iPhone 5.

Innovation Age of Crafting has it all. From the simplistic gameplay approach to the optimized touch controls to the challenging missions. It’s all you would need from an outstanding puzzle game. The great thing is that you can learn a lot from it, in addition to having a wonderful game to play.

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