Install Looky – Looky to Protect your iPhone from Unauthorized Access

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Have you ever suspected someone taking a sneak peak of your iDevice without letting you know? If yes, then there is a new app for you. Looky – Looky is whole new way of getting on the nerves of the intruders to your privacy. This is an I-Phone specific application, which helps you keep the buggers away, and have a sound sleep, or nice and calm bath. Almost 60 -70 % Girl / Boyfriends, are keen to have a sneak peak at their partner’s life, and the best way in is the phone of any individual. Just bar shut any intrusion into your personal data, from anyone, whosoever.

IPhone came up with this application, so as to help you protect your data, and tracking the invasion attacks, with proper evidence. Normal Phone Lock Keys also serve the same purpose; however it gets defeated considerably, as your nearby people are eager to know the key you punch in day in day out, as sometimes a glance is enough. Whether you want to safeguard your data or not, whether you’re having any sensitive data on your mobile or not, you can anytime track what the intruder would want to access on your I-Phone.


  • Looky – Looky has option to configure a fake screen at the point of any intrusion, which will monitor the activities of intruder.
  • The Looky – Looky application is not closed even by pressing the home button of the iPhone, and hence making it more difficult for the intruder to understand catch.
  • It depends on you how you want capture the intrusion.
  • You can either force out an alarm at any intrusion.
  • You can keep a video evidence of the intrusion and make use of it later.
  • As already explained earlier, you can trace the intrusion path, by a faking screen.
  • In Premium Version, the recording feature is unlimited, and comes with more options.
  • The app is compatible with a whole lot of devices.
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4S
    • iPhone 5
    • iPod Touch [3rd, 4th, & 5th Generation]
    • Requires iOS 5 or more recent versions.
    • It’s an application of 20 MB size, the version 1.0.4 can be downloaded easily into your iPhone / iPod.
    • Looky – Looky O_o Comes at a very low price of $3.99, which is pretty affordable.


Summary: This is a cool application, which will enable you to take some time out in peace without worrying about your data security on the iPhone. This comes as new way of protecting your device against external intrusion, and hence forms a part of the next Generation Security Solutions.

Good: The Lite Version of the App is available for free; however for having the full privilege of using this app, you must get the premium version, with lot more to look for. By the existence of such an app on iphone devices, it automatically reduces the intrusion count considerably, as no one wants to be caught red-handed, with the evidence a click away.

Bad: Usage of the app is something to be learnt and would require expertise to master the same.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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