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Big companies who do business on a large scale are always thinking big and bulk. The needs of small businesses vary drastically from those of the ‘Big Apples’. The InvoiceBus is a Bill software that gives a fresh feel of invoicing to our clients and customers. Outsourcing is an integral part of any business today and hence billing accurately is need of the day. InvoiceBus program does just that. It is easy to install, simple to use and highly helpful for freelancers / businesses. The developers Stefan and Dimitar are two happy-go-lucky guys who eat, drink and sleep programming. They call their workplace a garage, where the InvoiceBus was created, call their pricing models as minibus, single-decker and double-decker and call the creation of invoices as a tour. All the terms used for this software’s usage mimics the activities of a bus, which is fun for all.

A Web App that engages the user – enabling the user to focus only on the billing:

If our web app has to be taken in the literal sense, then it can be considered as a bus that picks up / drops passengers at their respective bus depots just like the invoices. The InvoiceBus editor is a new age editor that presents no hassles in bill creation. It has a simple and fun what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that requires a single click for creation of an invoice. This new generation tool enables us to focus more on invoice building rather than on the software hardships. Each package deal allows the users to store a certain number of clients and they can be included in the invoices on the go. The invoice can be created along with tax percentage that is applicable and is stored as data. Some of the ‘makes you smile’ features of this cool program are discussed below.

  • The user interface is smooth as butter that glides from one screen to another.
  • A hassle-free ten second sign up / registration.
  • No InvoiceBus copyright / digital signature on the invoice being sent (For subscribed users). No one in your client list will be aware of this wonder app that you are using. Every invoice will be in a plain paper format.
  • It is very simple to use with only one single menu options. Word documents and pdf files, which houses these invoices can be created and emailed. Also you can get immediate accept or decline responses.
  • This application program supports all international currencies with the feature to make payment in parts.
  • Data can be backed-up every day with no fear of your account being hacked (it uses SSL and AES).
  • The subscriptions are on a monthly basis which is very convenient since we can discontinue whenever we want to or resume whenever we want to.

A purpose-oriented web app:

The basic subscription allows up to three clients to be stored. A friend referral is awarded with a bonus seat for another client for both you and your friend. These registrations do not limit the no. of invoices or quotes or items. The users can have their own company logo imprinted on the invoices. InvoiceBus also enables the user to send payment reminders and thank you notes to the clients. In general getting business through invoices may sometimes be an awkward process, but not anymore with InvoiceBus.

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  1. Stefan Chachovski

    Thanks WebAppRater for the great review. You’ve raised very good aspects of Invoicebus, while giving an excellent spotlight of important things.

    Favorite part: “The user interface is smooth as butter that glides from one screen to another”.

    Thanks again,
    Stefan and Dimitar


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